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Primobol, Primobolan conservation and build muscle mass


(Also contains: grapeseed oil, campesterol, β -sitosterol, stigmasterol, benzyl benzoate 9%, benzyl alcohol 1.5%)

Primobolan is used by many bodybuilders as an ideal means of maintaining muscle mass with low calorie intake.

Many athletes suspect that this property is related to its nitrogen retention in the body.

This mechanism is anticatabolic and could be one of the reasons why athletes with Primobolan succeed in achieving a very high quality and continuous increase in muscle mass. The water accumulation is minimal.

alternative to: Primobolan, Metenolone

Dosage: 3 ml / week



Primobol 100, 10 ml ampoule, oily solution, (100 mg / ml)

Primobol, Primobolan for maintaining / building muscle mass with low calorie intake.

Buy here Primobo, Primobolan.

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