Anabolic Diet

Anabolic Diet


An Anabolic diet with dragon Sang products means building muscle at the same time fat loss. Very Significant for the anabolic diet is a low intake of carbohydrates, also must be guaranteed for muscle protection a high protein intake. Normally, the diet plan followed during the anabolic dragon Sang diet the goal is to increase muscle mass, while solid fat is burned from the depots. The food should be set for the most part from fats and proteins together. The carbohydrates may in no circumstances exceed 20 -30g day so as not to compromise the effect of the diet! In the first two to three days it feels called due to the metabolic conversion, even ketosis, a little flabby than usual. The human body requires during the first days of anabolic dragon Sang ie diet carbohydrates you have to stay strong and be subject in any case to the temptation to take that to a greater extent to himself. Only leave the carbs it comes to so-called ketosis and therefore the actual burning of the body's own fat reserves. In the normal case involves the human brain energy from carbohydrates are digested to glucose molecules.

In every person there is a daily "sugar needs" of about 150 to 200g. The sugar storage (glycogen) is an athlete at approximately 500g, which is approximately 125g stored in the liver and 375g in muscle. The memory in the liver serves to maintain the blood sugar level. In a normal diet, excess carbohydrates are immediately converted and stored in fat depots. However, if we refuse completely to carbohydrates, we force the body after the local memory has been emptied to resort to an alternative power source. Since the body in anabolic dragon Sang diet calories from fat and protein are fed, he is forced by these resources to meet energy needs. The brain is so of a sugar diet to a diet with the so-called ketone bodies. Ketones are formed when the body releases the hormone glucagon. Be prepared from fats ketone bodies as it were, spare carbohydrates represent for us.

Of course, it is also possible to make a completely fat-free or low-fat diet dragon Sang but the disadvantages would be immense, which the fed fats are essential to produce hormones! That means that for lack of intake of these fats suppress their testosterone production, which would be absolutely fatal. By eliminating carbohydrates also contains substantial co-benefits.

By the lack of fluctuations in blood sugar cravings because of ketone bodies remains have a hungry relieving effect. The blood sugar level also remains constant in the normal range, as the body now determined the levels by ketone bodies themselves. In addition, it leads to an improvement of the cholesterol Verhältnises zwischem harmful LDL and common HDL! It is embodied in the increase of growth hormone GH which has a strong anabolic effect and catabolic processes is counteracted. The testosterone production is also stimulated by the high fat intake which is actually sense the whole dragon Sang diet!

During the anabolic diet dragon Sang but may not be entirely dispensed with carbohydrates. It should be loaded per week one or two refeed days where you have to take a lot more carbohydrates. On these days, there is a diet mainly of carbohydrates, also include sufficient protein must be supplied. The fats should be reduced to a minimum these days!

At the beginning of the dragon Sang diet a 12-day lead-in period should be made. In these 12 days you can hardly carbohydrates (maximum 30 g daily) to take the lead for the conversion of metabolism. Then you take 5-6 days very little carbs and then you again need 1-2 Refeedtage per week.

The advantage of this procedure is the full glycogen stores (fat reserves) is used! The 1-2 days of Refeeds not enough to switch to your metabolism, but are mainly used to replenish muscle glycogen and thus an increased workout intensity, at the same time improved fat burning is maintained, the fat intake is reduced massively to the refeed days! Depending on whether you have a fast or slow metabolism and make your training more intense or less intense, the amounts of food have to be revised upward or downward.

Example of a diet plan according to the principles of Anabolic dragon Sang diet:

First, you should write down their own weight to progress to see.

All drinks should best consist mainly of much soda, natural mineral water and natural fruit juices!

Drachensang products help you with your diet

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  •     Oxandro for a dry but very safe muscle building
  •     Oral T-bol slight water retention faster muscle gain, recommendation, in combination with Winny 50

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