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Danabol is suitable for muscle building Dianabol buy


Danabol is very well suited for the mass phase. Danabol causes significant muscle growth with water retention


(also contains: nicotinamide, dicalcium phosphate, octadecanoic acid, MCC)

Danabol is known for building muscle mass and gaining strength , a very powerful product with anobolic and androgenic effects . Danabol directly or indirectly stimulates the estrogen formulations with a certain accumulation of water in the muscles. The growth of the muscles is huge (of about 6 kg with 12 weeks of proper nutrition and exercise )

A popular remedy for bodybuilders for mass building .

This agent can be combined with other Dragon Sang products according to the athlete's training goals .

alternative to: Dianabol, Metandienone, Metandrostenolone


For mass building 6 tabs a day

Due to the half-life of 3-5 hours, it should be taken three times a day.


100 tablets, (5 mg / tab)

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